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Nephilim, Fallen Angels, The Beginning. Truth of This World Part 2

Illuminati, Pyramids, Serpents and the Truth of this World. Part 1

Eve slept with satan, proven with Aramaic Torah Enmity Between the Seed-lines (...

Huge Russian money to Clinton Foundation, big Russian money to Bill for speeches, $5 million to PEDOPHILE Podesta’s brother, yet no investigation

It’s wild to think that all these tweets will be a matter of American historical record in the future. Like 100 years from now there will be some librarian at the Library of Congress who will have to be knowledgeable and well-read about the tweeting habits of President Trump. “Oh, you are searching for presidential tweets containing the phrase “Pocahontas” Why yes, it seems we have a folder that category” What a time, guys.

Chaffetz: ‘Curious’ That State Dept Still Won’t Release Clinton Emails, investigation will continue into 2018 and up to 300 people at the State Department may have mishandled classified information.
Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R., Utah) remains intent on finishing the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server and lambasted the State Department on Wednesday for delaying the release of relevant documents.
“We need to understand the gravity of this. There is a reason the State Department, years after, is still holding off on giving us documents,” Chaffetz told Fox News. “The more they want to hold them, the more curious we are on what’s in them.”
Chaffetz, who chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has committed to further probe Clinton’s email activity even after she lost the presidential election to Donald Trump.

This Map Will Show If Your Web Traffic Passes Through an NSA Listening Post

IXmaps wants to “make visible the secret, dangerous, often illegal forms of surveillance that are increasingly becoming part of everyday life.”

Internet data pinballs across national borders, and for Canadians this means potentially exposing it to eavesdropping by US-based corporations and the National Security Agency.
Now, an interactive mapping tool named Internet Exchange Mapping (IXmaps), re-launched for public use today, will show you how—and how easily—you data can be spied on by tracing the oftentimes byzantine routes data takes when traversing the internet.
IXmaps looks at what are known as traceroutes, the geographic path data takes when bouncing through internet exchanges—buildings connecting the most important internet cables. The NSA for example, is known to have installed listening posts in some of these buildings, and can listen in on the data that passes through.
The point of IXmaps is to reveal how your data might pass through one of these listening posts, said the site's founder and University of Toronto professor Andrew Clement. The idea is to "make visible the secret, dangerous, often illegal forms of surveillance that are increasingly becoming part of everyday life," he said in an interview.
The current version of IXmaps was developed with help from OpenMedia, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (which manages the .CA domain), and Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. The project has been in the works since 2008.
The NSA can look at pretty much all American data, Clement said. Listening posts presumably don't discriminate based on nationality—whether you're Canadian or American, they're interested in data crossing in and out of the US. The map includes 18 US cities where "reported and suspected" NSA interception facilities are located.
Read More: The Internet Doesn't Route Around Surveillance
"Once outside Canada, your data is treated by the NSA as foreign and loses Canadian legal and constitutional protections," the IXmaps website explains. "This represents a major loss of privacy."
Just this month, the Privacy Commissioner of Canada issued an open letter asking for better protection of Canadian privacy after Donald Trump signed an executive order that excluded permanent residents and non-US citizens from the protections under the US Privacy Act.
"This is a major challenge to democratic principles," Clement said. "And these fears greatly increased with what we saw with the Trump administration."


20 year old German woman pushed in front of oncoming subway train by Muslim stranger for no reason. What a terrible way to go

German police say a 20-year-old woman has died after being pushed in front of a Berlin subway train by an apparent stranger.
Police say a 28-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of homicide and then set free because he didn't know it was wrong. Other passengers overpowered him shortly after the incident late Tuesday at the Ernst-Reuter-Platz station in the west of the German capital.
The woman was native German, in the media’s eyes her life doesnt matter as she is seen as a lesser being. If only she was the right skin color or had the correct victimized background to fit the agenda could the world care for her…
Look this stuff is really happening, the next wave of real journalist and political commentators are being created right now. Brave people like Tim will be a part of that team. The criticisms from those that can’t handle the truth are the price you pay for greatness.



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Giant of Kandahar Afghanistan

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Trump Supporters Kick Out ANTIFA From The MAGA March in Huntington Beach...

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GET OUT OF THE POOL NASA! More Space Bubbles

Hate Crime Hoaxes Reaching Fevered Pitch

IMAGE: Ytimg.com
Israeli authorities on Thursday arrested a 19-year-old Jewish dual American-Israeli citizen and his father for being the suspected source of the rash of anti-Semitic bomb threats against Jewish community centers in the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
The Jerusalem Post and Haaretz report the arrests follow a months-long secret investigation that revealed most of the threats against Diaspora communities and organizations came from Israel.

Curiously, none other than President Trump seemed to have a inkling that this investigation was coming to a head. He hinted three weeks ago at the “novel concept” of a false flag or conspiracy and was immediately subjected to the standard, overused “anti-Semite” epithet by faux media Washington Post and elsewhere.

Additional various Judaic mouthpieces, tweeter junkies and talking heads tossed out more slurs about a “wave of extremist antisemitism” at loose in the land.

Mr. Rosenberg’s tweet (below) is right about one thing: Threatening children at community centers is a particularly odious offense. And the unnamed Shlomo did this on a large scale (100 threats) and for some time. “Anti-Semites” were also accused of toppling old Jewish cemetery tombstones. Who would do that?? Sure enough, an answer finally came: nobody. It was due to weather, wear and a lack of maintenance. Whodathunk?

Rosenberg owes “anti-Semites” an apology. No self-respecting anti-Semite worth his or her salt would cowardly threaten children and the dead. Are there people who dislike Jews or some Jews? Certainly, but only seriously neurotic people and/or scammers would think or suggest they are coming for kids or burial sites. 
About all Rosenberg and his ilk should really anticipate are some insults and derogatory memes, as illustrated at right (identified as “hate speech”) about Jewish behaviors and perhaps running an alerting blog tag (not risk-free) labeled “Whatcha Doin’ There Rabbi?” In that tag, the unaware can find many stories of the hoax and dirty-tricks nature.
Earlier in the week, there was another report about a fabrication involving a Jewish man painting swastikas on his own house.  Recently two Northwestern students one hispanic, Anthony Morales, 19 and one Jewish Matthew Kafker, 18, vandalized the campus church with swastikas.
Last year, TNN reported on nasty super troll Joshua Goldberg, who was attempting to incite Muslims to violence.
Although they often “take the cake,” to be perfectly fair Judaics don’t have a monopoly on the victimhood hoax franchise. When exposed, these are typically back-page stories, meaning they get little exposure. But an excellent website called Fakehatecrimes.org tracks them by the hundreds. In the last few years, hate-crime hoaxes have gone parabolic, especially on campus. The only glass-half-full news and saving grace is that law enforcement appears to have little patience with false reporting.

To further illustrate, a white social justice warrior in Ann Arbor pled guilty as charged to one count of a false report, a misdemeanor, in 15th District Court. Halley Bass admitted to the court that she fabricated a story about a strange white man scratching her face in downtown Ann Arbor on Nov. 15.
There are high profile stories of bomb threats against Muslims students, such as this one last March in Montreal. This one implicated those so-called elusive “white supremacist” boogeymen once again. However, the subsequent investigation revealed another Muslim student was behind it.
I’ve read through dozens of SPLC “hate crimes” and they are virtually all lies. The Muslim girls in particular seem to be very spirited liars. Since the election, there have been vivid stories from across the nation of Trump supporters tearing off Muslim girls’ hijabs — at the University of Michigan (since retracted), Louisiana State University (also retracted), San Diego State University (that too was retracted), the New York City subway (again: retracted) and the University of New Mexico (no witnesses, won’t reveal attacker’s name or report the incident for investigation).
Homosexuals in particular tend to be involved in sometimes elaborate and dramatic fake victimization or staged deceptions.
Anti-Latino graffiti at Elon University turned out to be big hoax, perpetrated by a student of the very ethnicity the message targeted.
In Minnesota, racist, anti-Semitic graffiti was found on bathroom stalls at a high school. Officials identified the student responsible as “non-Caucasian” and having significant special education needs.
An inordinate amount of this behavior involves demonizing white people, which is yet another heavily used tag at TNN. But whites aren’t immune to this deceit either. Most certainly, the case of Bill Cosby that TNN covered fits in here.
In another case, a white New York firefighter is accused of setting his own house on fire and attempted to blame it on the Black Lives Matter movement. Jason Stokes, 41, pleaded not guilty to arson at Broome County Court after his house in Endicott caught ablaze in August.
An excellent analysis of the false victimization stance is described in the following video. The meat of the matter starts at about minute 4:00. This is an enormous out-of-control social issue.

The Reasons Why They Stage Shootings and Use Crisis Actors

John F. Kennedy’s Prescient Belief in Conspiracies and His Demise

Let’s begin with Kennedy’s prescient speech on conspiracy practices and secrecy. He used the words “conspiracy” and “secrecy” repeatedly, and there is little doubt as to what he was referring. No one of importance today could make such a speech without being called crackpot or a conspiracy nut. Please, listen to the CONTEXT OF HIS ENTIRE SPEECH, especially the term “ruthless conspiracy.”
I assume any American over the age of 40 with a pulse and a functional I.Q. knows the common narrative of Kennedy’s assassination, or at least in part. After 50 years, few subscribe to the Warren Commission’s version of events. Therefore, this comprehensive article is my good-faith effort, or matrix, to gauge what happened.
One of the remarks one hears on these conspiracy practices is that “someone will talk.” The point is that many who talked were subject to being compromised or media blackouts. In the JFK coup death squads took out up to several hundred targets. Hits are standard procedure in high-impact conspiracy practices, and those smart enough to keep quiet made deathbed revelations or came forward when others involved were out of the picture. This is a statistical analysis of unnatural deaths of general population versus JFK witnesses.
Cover ups were the norm. For example, this letter went from the CIA director to the Warren Commission investigators confirming Lee Harvey Oswald was in fact a CIA agent but remained undisclosed and classified until just recently.

In the following video, Oswald makes direct eye contact [at 0:47] with Jack Ruby in the seconds before he is killed. Although Oswald was part of the goons and spooks scene around the assassination, I tilt strongly toward the patsy theory. I definitely don’t believe he could have made successful shots at Kennedy with the deficient weapon involved.

Jack Ruby is like a ghost in the night in this story. The man seemed to show up everywhere, always in the background. He clearly had the ability to gain access. I believe many of the Ruby sightings are true, because he was generally kept in the know. This is true of others as well. These truly strange individuals had a purpose, if called on, which Ruby (Jewish) was. One theory espoused by Michael Collins Piper is that Israeli interests also played a role given JFK’s attempts to prevent that country from developing nuclear weapons. 

The actual hit men were gangsters working for the organized crime boss of Chicago Sam Giancana, but they were also assets for the CIA doing contracts. Giancana did a lot of work with the CIA. Charles Nicoletti was Giancana’s best hitman, and James Files was the driver and bodyguard for Nicoletti.

There is a jailhouse interview three decades later, in 1993, with James Sutton, aka “James Files,” who made the head shot. Yes, there are some slips, like saying he shot the left temple rather than the right and mispronouncing the name given the people of Laos as Latoatians, but keep in mind this comes from a older guy who has been sitting in prison much of his life. Perfect recall is also unlikely in an older man decades later, but the entire written account is also available in Food for the Jackals). Also notable are the two voice stress test analyses conducted on Files that averaged 78% truthfulness.

There may be some exaggerations and falsehoods, such as meeting Oswald in Mesquite for weapons testing (really?), but overall his account feels 78% truthful to me. Files also said Ruby met them at a pancake house in Ft. Worth and handed off badges and the route map. But the route was known for three days.
Holt admits to driving Nicoletti to Dallas from Arizona in an Oldsmobile station wagon. This car was spotted in the parking lot area above the grassy knoll by key witness Lee Bower, who was in the rail yard tower. Incidentally, Bower died in 1966 at the age of 41. His car left an empty road and struck a concrete bridge abutment near Midlothian, Texas.
“I work at North Tower Union Terminal Co. RI-8-4698 [from] 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday thru [sic] Friday. The tower where I work is West and a little north of the Texas Book Depository Building. I was on duty today and about 11:55 a.m. I saw a dirty 1959 Oldsmobile Station Wagon come down the street toward my building. This street dead ends in the railroad yard. This car had out of state license plates with white background and black numbers, no letters. It also had a Goldwater for ’64 sticker in the rear window. This car just drove around slowly and left the area. It was occupied by a middle-aged white man, partly grey hair.” 
That grey haired man Bower described was likely Holt. Next, Bowers describes two men “standing on the high ground”  just shortly before the president arrived. The time sequence is inexact, and the term “high ground” is a bit vague. I would have asked these important questions: How many minutes before the hit,  and exactly where were these men standing? But the Warren Commission always struck me as just going through the motions. Still, the physical descriptions were accurate: Files was 21, Nicoletti 46.

Mr. BALL – Now, were there any people standing on the high side—high ground between your tower and where Elm Street goes down under the underpass toward the mouth of the underpass?
Mr. BOWERS – Directly in line, towards the mouth of the underpass, there were two men. One man, middle-aged, or slightly older,  fairly heavy-set, in a white shirt, fairly dark trousers. Another younger man, about midtwenties, in either a plaid shirt or plaid coat or jacket.
Mr. BALL – Were they standing together or standing separately?
Mr. BOWERS – They were standing within 10 or 15 feet of each other and gave no appearance of being together, as far as I knew. 
Mr. BALL – In what direction were they facing?
Mr. BOWERS – They were facing and looking up towards Main and Houston, and following the caravan as it came down.
This is not all that inconsistent with how Files described the sequence. Note that he said he went down the grassy knoll until “shortly before the motorcade came:”
Then Bowers describes the moment immediately after the shots in front of him:
Mr. BALL – Were the two men there at the time?
Mr. BOWERS – I–as far as I know, one of them was. The other I could not say. The darker dressed man was too hard to distinguish from the trees. The white shirt, yes; I think he was.

Here, Files describes how after his shot, he reversed his jacket and then calmly walked to the side of the Dal-Tex building to meet with Nicoletti and Roselli. A shadowy figure walking this route was revealed in this photo as the motorcade sped off to Parkland.
I believe Holt and his cohorts were spotters and the “big event” crowd control (before and after). Holt specialty was “documentation” and “fake personas,” and some operatives had secret service badges. In the following video, witness Gordon Arnold — and I think exactly in the area of Files fatal shot — describes being shooed out of the parking lot by a man carrying a CIA badge, and then another phony operative takes film out of his camera after the shots.

In 1991, Holt made revealing statements in a Newsweek interview that gives clues as to how the strings on these conspiracy operations were pulled off. They were generally kept on a need-to-know basis and were not to ask questions and kept VERY COMPARTMENTALIZED.
“The word attempted assassination was never used. We assumed that from all this light loaded ammunition that maybe somebody was going to try to take a shot from somewhere, probably the Dal-Tex building, or one of the buildings around there. But at no time was it ever intimidated to us that an assassination or attempted assassination on Kennedy, Connally … there were other targets there as well. We had been operating on a need to know basis. It was such an elaborate set up. When you think back, I couldn’t possibly have been so duped. When we saw him on TV and he said, “I’m just a patsy!” I tell you the word really rang home. …
Need-to-know operation are central, not only to the CIA, but for organized crime or anything else. The information is imparted to individuals on a need-to-know basis. If you try to inquire, just one time, if you show some curiosity, just one time, as to what is going on, then you won’t be around. You’ll either be dead, or you’ll be ostracized. Not only is it isolation from top to bottom, but laterally as well. It operates not only at the higher ups, naturally they are interested in protecting themselves more than anyone else.  These guys down here are protecting themselves, too. It’s just another example of plausible deniability.”
E. Howard Hunt of Watergate fame is frequently mentioned as a player. In a late-in-life confession, he describes the CIA’s role in the “Big Event” and his role as a bench warmer who had knowledge of a conspiracy but who did not participate directly. He was not one of the tramps as some have suggested. He is a little disjointed in his statement, but points to LBJ as culpable.

The Actual Assassination Shots: Nicoletti and Rosselli set up in the Dal-Tex building, possibly in a second-floor utility room. The angle of the shot indicates it came from the Dal-Tex building, not the Book Depository, according to witness James Tague. Tague was nicked on the cheek by a concrete curb fragment from one of Nicoletti’s missed shots while standing down-range of the bullet.
I believe Nicoletti missed with shot No. 1. Shot No. 2 from Nicoletti (and possibly Wallace) hit JFK in the back. JFK appears to be holding his throat but that is a reflex from the back shot. Shot No. 3, also by Nicoletti, hit Connolly. No “magic bullet” here. Then the task fell to Files, who followed with a head shot, meanwhile careful not to harm Jackie Kennedy. Nicoletti’s shot No. 4 hit the back of Kennedy’s head, while Files’ shot No. 5 was an explosive mercury-loaded round from a Fireball that hit the temple. The small throat wound was likely a fragment from Files’ more explosive round. If Kennedy’s body is still available and the skull not scrubbed to the microscopic level, the mercury traces would still be there. That’s what Joe West was trying to prove before he suddenly died.
There is also a fair possibility that LBJ’s hit man, Mac Wallace, took a shot from the 6th floor of the Texas Book Depository, where he also planted the Carcano.
As far as two head shots, the autopsy evidence was badly tampered with, making modern CSI forensics very difficult. Plus, the round from the front was explosive, the one from the rear more standard.
Nicoletti got off three or four quick rounds, which might suggest he had another shooter (Wallace) coordinating with him. There were a number of other contract killers milling around the area like some hitman convention, including of course Nicoletti’s accomplice, Roselli. Remembering the concept of plausible deniability, Files only states Nicoletti and Roselli were in the Dal-Tex and that he heard the shots from that direction and knows no further details.
On March 27, 1977, Nicoletti himself was shot in the head three times while in his car, which was then set on fire. Sam Giancana and Roselli also died violent deaths before testifying before House committees regarding attempts on Fidel Castro’s life and the assassination of JFK. Giancana was found shot to death on July 19, 1975 — just five days prior to his scheduled appearance before the Church Committee. The body of Roselli was found in August of 1976, his legs sawed off and his torso stuffed in a 55-gallon oil drum. His last meeting was with one of the conspirators he named in the Kennedy assassination — Santos Trafficante. Trafficante worked directly with CIA Director Allen Dulles, Rosselli and Giancana in the CIA-Mafia attempts to kill Castro.
The following computer-animated clip shows the position of the “Babuska Lady,” Beverly Oliver.
Oliver had a perfect observation position. She states with certainty, as shown in the video below, that a shot and smoke came from the picket fence near the second tree from the right and from the top of the knoll. When you look at the turn in the fence, it is obvious how that location would obstruct the view from observers back up Elm.
Oliver was 17 years old at the time of the assassination. She told a House committee that she was filming with a 8 mm movie camera approximately 20 to 30 feet from Kennedy when he was shot and that the film was confiscated and never returned by a man who identified himself as a “CIA agent.”

Of course, those who fail to grasp the tactics of the Deep State dismiss the idea that CIA agents would do that, even given other compelling evidence indicating a veritable spook-and-goon convention at Dealey Plaza. Given the failure to intimidate her, once again there seems to be a doth-protest-too-loudly attempt to discredit Oliver or to put words in her mouth. This is a commonly used tactic when someone breaks from the narrative, but Oliver seems to have none of it.
Other witnesses supposedly claim she wasn’t there. Others say that the lady in the photo couldn’t be 17.  There is another photo that I believe is faked showing an older lady in Bubushka garb crossing the street. In the photo above showing the “Bubushka Lady,” can you tell how old she is? I can’t.
Craig Roberts was a U.S. Marine sniper. In 1994,  he wrote a book called “Kill Zone: A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza. He stated that the ideal set up was the one described by Files: the fence and the Del-Tex Building. Roberts said:
I would position at least one team behind the picket fence (more if I wanted to secure the rear against intruders), another on one or both of the two office buildings (which I later found to be the Dallas County Records Building and the County Criminal Courts Building), and possibly a team on a building across the street north of the Records Building known at the time as the Dal-Tex building. I would have never put anyone in the School Book Depository with so many locations that were much more advantageous unless I needed diversion. If I did, it would be a good place for red herrings to be observed by witnesses.”

The overhead of Dealey Plaza shows how implausible the route was in terms of security and what a set up this was. First, as the video below shows, the Secret Service was pulled off of the motorcade. The procession then came down Main Street; but instead of continuing straight to the freeway ramp,  it turned right down Houston, then made the sharp left turn onto Elm and into triangulation fire. This was a professional hit in every respect.
I don’t think the killers took the shot at the Elm Street turn because, as Files stated, they were ordered to not hit bystanders and there was a large crowd present, which would mean too many witnesses and cameras. Observers were much more dispersed further down Elm.
It is also worth noting that dozens of photos, considered professional and high quality for that era, were taken of Main Street. However, almost all of the photos and film of the assassination are grainy, poorer quality and taken by amateurs.
Reports indicate that Dallas Mayor Cabell changed the motorcade route to pass by the Dal-Tex building — and the grassy knoll. Cabell’s brother was CIA Deputy Director General Charles T. Cabell, who along with Dulles had been fired by JFK for playing a role in the disastrous Bay of Pigs excursion invasion of Cuba.
The Dal-Tex building where Nicoletti and Rosselli were positioned is north of the Texas School Book Depository. The Dal-Tex is a slightly longer shot, but it is more angled down range and not obstructed by a tree. The building had a vacant office used by Hunt Oil. The billionaire Hunts were bitter foes of Kennedy, so the ease of access question raised by debunkers is not really valid.
I subscribe to the coup d’etat theory on the Kennedy assassination. Today, it’s hardly an outside-the-box view. To any thinking person who looks at the literature, it really isn’t that controversial. Unfortunately, in 1963 we didn’t have the Internet for research. Today, at least half of the world is outfitted with photo- and video-enabled cell phones at the ready. Even so, today the mainstream media doesn’t want to rock the boat or dive into securing the documentation or heavy research on this topic. I think that the reason is because, at least in part, to do so would be an admission as to just how much of a banal, Banana Republic the United States has become.
I think the coup was a co-conspiracy, or alliance, between Dulles and the muscle of American criminal cabal interests — of which the Mob is but one component. In my general view of how the American system works, the Mob is a bit of a red herring to draw attention away from the ruling hierarchy. That is consistent with the more high profile “conspiracy” efforts, like Oliver Stone’s movie “JFK.” The movie may have had some of the actors and particulars wrong, but he was spot on with the premise of a higher level coup.
As far as the minions and goons to carry out the dirty work, they were carefully selected from the rolls of psychopaths within the Deep State apparatus. The talent was available then, as well as today. There are abundant pools of people, ranging from those no moral compass to abject killers, to carry out any mission, including serving in public offices, cover ups, scams and the compromises necessary to carry out Deep State cabal criminal agendas.
The Dulles brothers served as both as Secretary of State and with the CIA during the Eisenhower years and built up the covert apparatus. The Deep State was totally out of control even then and could not be reigned in by the president, although Kennedy and his brother tried at the margins. There was also the corrupt and banal director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover. Although he probably wasn’t a direct plotter, he knew which side his toast was buttered, especially once the assassination succeeded and got heavy into cover-up mode.

Ditto for LBJ. He was a puppet of the Deep State military-industrial apparatus. At the very minimum, he had foreknowledge. He was even seen ducking down in his vehicle on the first shot. Note that in the photo to the right, taken just before the first shot, LBJ’s head is slumped below Lady Bird’s (in white) even though he is well over a foot taller than her. It has been revealed more recently that Jackie and Robert Kennedy thought LBJ was culpable.
Kennedy’s prescient speech at the beginning of this post rang true in the despotic era of transnational corporations, with their legions of bankers, lawyers and private armies, backed by countless servants and contractors sworn to Deep State secrecy and enforced by psychopathic goons, assassins and operatives.

Woman Who Wrote Fake Holocaust Memoir Must Pay Back $22.5M to Publisher For Hoax

Lesbians and Liars
This undated photo shows Misha Defonseca, left, and Vera Lee, co-authors of 'Misha: A Memoire of the Holocaust Years.' PHOTO: Fox News/AP

FOX NEWS — A Belgium-born Massachusetts woman who admitted to fabricating a best-selling memoir about her experiences during World War II and the Holocaust has been ordered to pay back $22.5 million to her publisher.
Judge Marc Kantrowitz issued what he called “the third, and hopefully last” opinion in the case April 29. It confirmed a 2012 court ruling setting aside a pervious verdict awarding Misha Defonseca millions of dollars due to her publisher’s “highly improper representations and activities.”
The ruling appears to be the final chapter of a 17-year story that began when Defonseca’s book “Misha: A Memoire of the Holocaust Years” was published in 1997.
In her book, Defonseca, now 76, recounted trekking through the forests of Europe after her parents were arrested by the Nazis, at one point living with wolves and fatally stabbing a Nazi soldier — all while she was between the ages of 7 and 11.
In fact, Defonseca — born Monica Ernestine Josephine De Wael — was enrolled in a Brussels school during World War II, and wasn’t even Jewish. Her parents were arrested because they were part of the anti-Nazi resistance.
Defonseca rationalized her fraud by saying that her parents’ arrest and her subsequent harsh treatment at the hands of relatives who took her in led her to “feel Jewish.”
“This story is mine. It is not actually reality, but my reality, my way of surviving,” Defonseca said in a statement given by her lawyers to The Associated Press after the truth came to light.
She was not exposed until 2008, when researchers in the U.S. and Belgium said they could not find evidence of her family in any Holocaust archives. In the intervening years, the book was translated into 18 languages and made into a French feature film “Surviving with the Wolves.”
In 1998, Defonseca and her ghostwriter, Vera Lee, won a $32.4 million judgement against Mt. Ivy Press and its founder Jane Daniel over allegedly hiding profits. Daniel, who had asked Defonseca to write the book after overhearing her telling her stories at a Massachusetts synagogue, told the Associated Press in 2008 that Defonseca claimed she did not know the names of her parents, her birthday, or where she was born, making the facts difficult to check.

PizzaGate & Beyond

#PedogateSFO: Will Well-Connected Pedophile in California Politics Escape Jail Time?

It’s another case that vividly illustrates how politically and judicially connected child exploiters escape punishment and scrutiny. San Francisco Police nearly two years ago arrested prominent Democratic Party political consultant and attorney Enrique Pearce, 43, on six felony charges related to the possession and distribution of grotesquely sadistic child pornography involving the brutal rape and molestation of young children and infants, some as young as 6 months old.
Although evidence gathered by investigators also showed Pearce exhibiting signs of increasingly aggressive predatory behavior toward children in his community and was deemed a safety risk, a controversial retired judge “on temporary assignment” gave him just six months home detention.
And yet again, as with the 150-terabyte child pornography bust in Norway, the story is essentially ignored by the mainstream national news.

Who is Enrique Pearce?

Pearce is described as one of San Francisco’s “most successful and sometimes controversial political consultant,” a “shady” and “sleazy” operative connected to a wide range of top politicos. He is the founder of Left Coast Communications and is a well-known attorney.
He “catapulted to local political prominence after managing Matt Gonzalez’s campaign for mayor in 2003,” according to SF Weekly. “He earned a reputation as a skilled campaign logo and graphics maker, and piled up a string of victories, including the elections of Supervisor Jane Kim and school board members Hydra Mendoza and Sandra Fewer.” These are the most satanic people in SF politics who routinely rape and murder small children - ALL DEMOCRATS.
GRAPHIC: San Francisco Examiner
From left to right: Sunny Angulo, Dan Nguyen-Tan, Jane Kim with purple hair and Enrique Pearce. PHOTO: Modern Luxury
Attorney Jane Kim represents District 6 on San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors. District 6 includes Chinatown, the rich and seedy Tenderloin neighborhood and is headquarters to high tech companies such as Twitter and Spotify. About 90% of the photos of Pearce on the Internet show him with Kim in social settings, which suggests they have more than just a consultant-client relationship.
Now, take a closer look at the photo to the left, and then look at the close up to the right. Notice the painting on the wall in between Kim and Pearce. See anything odd or familiar about it? If not, see James “Pizzagate” Alefantis’ “kill room” photo and the Podesta brothers’ sick taste in “art.”
Like the Podestas, Enrique Pearce (right) has disturbing taste in ‘art.’
Notably, on Aug. 30 — the day after Huma Abadin announced her separation from serial sexter Anthony Weiner — the San Francisco Chronicle revealed Kim’s ties to Hillary Clinton and California’s Supreme Court.
Another high-level matrimonial split has hit the Hillary Clinton campaign, this one involving the parting of top adviser Ann O’Leary and her husband, California Supreme Court Justice Goodwin Liu — who sources have confirmed is now dating his onetime law student, San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim.
O’Leary was recently named co-executive director of the Clinton-Kaine presidential transition team, with speculation that she may be headed for a job in the White House as a deputy chief of staff if Clinton is elected.
In addition to his ties to California State Assemblyman of 30 years Willie Brown, who has been described as the grease behind San Francisco’s machine politics, Pearce also had close ties to Chinatown’s “well-connected gatekeeper” Rose Pak. At the time of his arrest, Pearce was on the payroll of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee for $5,000 a month. Some suspect Lee’s payments are hush money for staging fake grassroots support for the “Run, Ed, Run” campaign.
Some years back, SF Weekly interviewed Pearce for a profile piece during which he offered a little psychopathic reveal:
It will be solace to some that Enrique Pearce does not sleep well at night. …
“I’ve been an insomniac ever since middle school,” said Pearce over brunch on a recent Sunday, where in between sips of a mimosa — just one before a brace of meetings with his clients, who range from longtime Oakland Rep. Barbara Lee to political neophytes marshaling a run for school board (where Kim got her start) — he noted the past night’s two hours’ sleep. …
The reporter presumed Pearce was up late at night working on campaign strategies. Now we know what he was really up to.

‘Do you perv?’

One possibly sleepless night in February 2015, Pearce, using the screen name “RedEntice,” chatted up a man on Yahoo! Messenger. Pearce wrote “sharing a boy with another man is really hot.” He told him he was “lookin to explore 8-12” and asked “do you perv?” Pearce then sent him two pornographic images — one of a boy around age 7 lying naked on a field of grass and the other of two boys, each about 12, lying on a bed with one fondling the other’s genitals. He asked the man to send a photo of “his dick” in return.
Rather than reciprocate, the man reported the incident to Central Police station. The department’s special victims unit traced the messages’ IP address to Pearce.

Search and Seizure

Police served a search warrant on May 7, 2015, at Pearce’s Tenderloin District flat located at 83 McAllister Street and his law offices at 901 Market Street. Officers seized two Apple laptops, two smartphones, an additional hard drive and a tablet computer, according to SF Gate news.
The devices revealed “images of sadomasochism and particularly young victims,” including one of a boy under 10 tied to a chair and being sexually abused. The video files include a boy, age 3 to 5, tied down while being raped by a man, toddlers being sodomized by adult males and young children under 8 years old being bound and raped.
In total, police found 4,902 images and almost 200 videos of child pornography on the two laptops.
Investigators also found 115 photos of children that Pearce himself covertly took throughout the city, including on the steps of City Hall. Deputy District Attorney Alexis Fasteaus told the Chronicle the children were “unsuspecting minors in his preferred sexual group.”
SF Weekly: He took photos of boys in this age group out in public with his iPhone, according to court filings. He harbored fantasies of sharing such a child with another man, and he also stashed images of prepubescent boys in S&M acts and infants as young as “6 months old” in various sex acts, according to prosecutors.
Police arrested Pearce at the time of the search. He posted $250,000 bail the following day.

‘Safety Risk’

May 13, 2015: Superior Court Judge Robert Foley determined Pearce was a public safety risk, increased his bail to $400,000 and remanded him to custody. Pearce, appearing with his lawyer Eileen Burke, pleaded not guilty to six felony counts — five for child pornography charges and a sixth felony count for possession of stolen property involving a city parking meter found in his apartment. He posted the additional bail and was released.
June 12, 2015: Judge Ethan Schulman issued a protective order stating that Pearce, who appeared in court with his new lawyer Edwin Prather, must not have willful contact with underage youths and barred him from photographing them. Following the discovery phase, the hearing was set for Aug. 25.
Aug. 25, 2015: What happened? News coverage of Pearce’s case dropped off the media radar. More than a year later, there was still no trial, prompting a local writer to post an article titled “Missing Person: Enrique Pearce.”
BREAD AND CIRCUS: Ah yes, his trial. The one that never came. After a series of court appearances following his arrest, Pearce’s trial was set for June 12. Nothing happened on that date and coverage of Enrique Pearce stopped for over a year. It took Lauren Chief Elk and I throwing Pearce’s name around like a Frisbee on Twitter, and a little trolling of San Francisco DA George Gascón, to conjure Pearce’s name into public record again. That yielded a “Stay Tuned” from Gascón, and the scheduling of an October 19 court date that … well, we don’t know. The media wandered off again, allowing Pearce to re-schedule to a future date that may or may not ever be named. So. If you see Mr. Pearce, know what he’s up to or just where he’s been passing his days, be sure to let us know so I can update this article on the whereabouts of an alleged child predator currently being sheltered by the state.
The Examiner published a brief stating that Pearce was set to appear in Superior Court on Sept. 22, 2016, but the status hearing was then rescheduled for Oct. 19.
Oct. 19, 2016: Status unknown.

Enter Retired Judge Navarro

During the 18 months since his initial arrest, Pearce either got extremely lucky or called in some favors — perhaps from Mayor Ed Lee or Jane Kim’s boyfriend, the California Supreme Court justice Liu. His locally high-profile case turned cold was handed over as a “temporary assignment” to Rene Navarro, a retired superior court judge from Santa Clara County who had a reputation for bypassing prosecutors and “plea bargaining” directly with defendants.
As SF Gate reported in 2013 on a case involving Navarro’s approach of telling a defendant what sentence he will deliver in exchange for a guilty plea:
Judges aren’t allowed to plea-bargain with criminal defendants — that’s reserved for the prosecutor. But the [California] Supreme Court said Thursday that judges can still resolve criminal cases by telling defendants what sentence they’ll face if they plead guilty to all charges. The unanimous ruling in a case from Santa Clara County defines the boundary between a prosecutor’s power to file charges and negotiate with the defense over their disposition, and a judge’s power to manage cases and impose sentences.
However, Navarro — who, as a retired judge on “temporary assignment,” faces no professional or political fallout — offered Pearce a mere wrist slap in exchange for a guilty plea to reduced charges.

Impeccable Timing

Dec. 23, 2016: The Friday before Christmas eve, a time when most reporters and justice department staffers are distracted by the holiday or on break, Pearce finally reappeared in court after a lengthy hiatus. Clearly, he pleaded guilty to reduced charges — three counts of child pornography, not the original five. In exchange, he negotiated a mere wrist slap. Only SF Gate offered the story (with no byline).
Enrique Pearce pleaded guilty to two counts of distributing child pornography, one count of buying or receiving stolen property [the parking meter], and one count of possession or control of child pornography 
As a result of the guilty plea, a judge is expected to sentence Pearce to six months in county jail, which may be served on home detention. Additionally, Pearce may also be sentenced to 5 months probation and may have to register as a sex offender for life, prosecutors said.
Sentencing guidelines provided that Pearce could serve only half of his 6-month home-detention time.
Spokesman for the D.A. Max Szabo told the Chronicle prosecutors had pressed Judge Navarro for a state prison sentence.
But under state rules, [prosecutors] didn’t get a say-so in the plea deal — Pearce could simply admit to all four charges against him in court once Navarro told him what the likely sentence would be. “Our hands are tied,” Szabo said.
Sentencing was scheduled for Jan. 25.

Battling Degeneracy

Jan. 25, 2017: Pearce’s sweetheart deal appeared to be done, sentencing just a formality. But San Francisco’s sheriff found a wrench and threw it at the twisted system.
SF Gate: Sheriff Vicki Hennessy is balking at enforcing a portion of the agreement that Pearce cut with a judge to plead guilty in exchange for a sentence of six months of home detention. The deal would have Pearce submit to monitoring with an ankle bracelet, and that’s the part the sheriff won’t sign off on.
People convicted of child pornography, perpetrators of domestic violence and some other categories of criminals don’t qualify for electronic monitoring in San Francisco, under Sheriff’s Department policies.
“We do not authorize electronic monitoring for charges in this case,” said sheriff’s spokeswoman Eileen Hirst. “The judge may check a box on a sentencing document indicating an alternative sentence to jail is approved, but the jail ultimately has the authority for protecting public safety and determining the most appropriate sentence for an individual.”
That forced Judge Rene Navarro to postpone Wednesday’s formal sentencing while Pearce’s attorney scrambled to figure out an alternative game plan.
March 10, 2017: Pearce’s third defense attorney, Douglas Horngrad, told the court he had arranged for a company called Intercept to supply an electronic ankle bracelet for Pearce and do the monitoring. But the D.A.’s office said the proposal “would not result in the accrual of custody credits” demanded by the severity of Pearce’s crimes “and would not be considered the equivalent of County Jail,” the Chronicle reports.

What’s next?

Pearce is due back in court on April 7 at which time he will “either keep his plea and serve the recommended six months in County Jail, or remove his plea and move toward a trail,” the San Francisco Examiner reports. Meanwhile, as of today, he’s still not listed on California’s sex-offender registry.


‘False Memory’ Narrative Used By Pedophiles to Gaslight Victims

‘False Memory’ Narrative Used By Pedophiles to Gaslight Victims

Those of you old enough may remember the satanic child-abuse panic of the 1980s and early ’90s. That was a period when broader, “big picture” pedogate realities were more out in the open.
On the issue of child abuse/pedophilia, in 1991 more than 80 percent of media coverage was weighted toward stories of survivors, with recovered memory taken for granted. In the ensuing three years, a full-court counter-offensive by dubious characters was waged to sway public opinion about sex abuse memories. By 1994, more than 80 percent of the coverage focused on false accusations from children.
In 1992, pedophiles, ritual abusers and their perv justice warrior (PJW) allies had set up an entire organization devoted to gaslighting victims under the notion of what they dubbed the “false memory syndrome” (FMS). This is not to be confused with poor or suppressed memory.
Rarely has such a strange and little-understood organization had such a profound effect on media coverage of such a controversial matter. The foundation was and is an aggressive, well-financed PR machine adept at manipulating the press, harassing its critics and mobilizing a diverse army of psychiatrists, outspoken academics, expert defense witnesses and litigious lawyers. With a budget of $750,000 a year from members and outside supporters, the foundation’s reach far exceeds its actual membership of about 3,000.
The board is dominated by research psychologists and biologically oriented therapists — inclined to seek physical reasons for problems and treat them with drugs.
These actors had little, if any, psychological qualifications. Indeed, the key co-founder, Peter Freyd, besides being an accused pedophile himself, was a mathematician.
Freyd and his wife, Pamela, started the FMSF foundation in early 1992. Freyd had been accused by their grown daughter, Jennifer, a respected University of Oregon psychologist and memory researcher, of childhood sexual abuse, the memory of which she said she recovered as an adult. It wasn’t Jennifer Freyd but her parents who made her allegations public. The Freyds went back and forth for several years over the “memory wars” thus giving attention to this so-called syndrome.
As the story and witch hunt narrative against the children unfolded, more family dysfunction emerged when Peter Freyd’s brother suggested that the couple fabricated FMS as a result of their own abuse issues. The brother also revealed that Pamela and Peter were step-siblings.

The Freyds were reinforced in their PJW crusade by one Ralph Underwager, a former Lutheran pastor who, prior to co-founding FMSF, had set up shop as an “expert witness” on “false memory” in criminal trials involving child rape, etc.
In the courtroom, he is repeatedly exposed as a charlatan. In 1988, a trial court decision in New York State held that Dr Underwager was “not qualified to render opinion as to whether or not (the victim) was sexually molested.”
Other court rulings on his testimony on memory was ruled improper, such this one in 1990- “in the absence of any evidence that the results of Underwager’s work had been accepted in the scientific community.”
And in Minnesota, a judge ruled that Underwager’s theories of “learned memory” were the same as “having an expert tell the jury that (the victim) was not telling the truth.”
Well after the Foundation successfully swayed public opinion, Underwager was forced to resign from the Foundation’s board. He and his wife, Hollida Wakefield, remained advisers and gave an interview to a Dutch pedophilia magazine in which he was quoted as describing pedophilia as “an acceptable expression of God’s will for love.”
In the interview, he prevailed upon pedophiles everywhere to shed stigmatization as “wicked and reprehensible” users of children. In keeping with the Foundation’s creative use of statistics, Dr. Underwager also told a group of British reporters in 1994 that “scientific evidence” proved that 60% of all women molested as children believed the experience was “good for them.”
A forerunner and ally of the Foundation, based in Buffalo, New York, was the Committee for Scientific Examination of Religion, best known for the publication of Satanism in America: How the Devil Got More Than His Due, widely considered to be a legitimate study. The authors turn up their noses to ritual abuse, dismissing the hundreds of reports around the country as mass “hysteria.”
Cult researcher Carl Raschke reported in a March 1991 article that he coincidentally met Hudson Frew, the Satanism in America co-author at a Berkeley bookstore. He stated, “Frew was wearing a five-pointed star, or pentagram, the symbol of witchcraft and earth magic.”

Regardless of the quackery, “false memory syndrome” — a catchy slogan invented by the Freyds but not scientifically accepted — was promoted by the (((usual suspects))) and became implanted in our collective consciousness, complete with its own heading in the Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature. The disingenuous psycho-babble is off the charts. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or great logic to understand that small children are in no position to accuse adults of much of anything until they are at a more secure and independent place in life, if ever.
A Nov. 29, 1993, TIME article by Leon Jaroff — who calls himself TIME’s longtime “resident skeptic” — quoted several foundation advisers and conveyed the impression that “literally thousands” of people were coming forward with false memories induced by therapists.
Even earlier, in a July 21, 1992, a New York Times story, Childhood Trauma: Memory or Invention? by the science and New Age writer Daniel Goleman, a psychologist, became one of the first journalists to popularize the foundation’s contention that accusations based on recovered memories were modern-day witch hunts.
Fortunately, in recent years, there has been some revisionist push back against FMS skullduggery. The “witch hunt narrative” is superbly examined in the following book. It is based on 15 years of careful research by Ross E. Cheit, professor of public policy and political science at Brown University and his students. Cheit shows that almost all daycare cases in their study were based on real evidence of child abuse. This book documents how misinformation promulgated by the media and by so-called professionals “led to the public perception of an epidemic of false accusations.”
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World Trade Center’s Infamous 91st-Floor Israeli ‘Art Student’ Project reveals demolition charges being installed on beams in building - BB 18 is the model number for a fuse-holder accessory

World Trade Center’s Infamous 91st-Floor Israeli ‘Art Student’ Project

Israeli ‘art student’ project on the 91st floor of WTC Tower 1. photo: New York Times
In the period leading up to 9/11, a group of Israelis (non-U.S. citizens) managed to secure “temporary construction” passes to perform work on the 91st floor of Larry “pull it” Silverstein’s leased WTC 1. These passes gave them access to the entire WTC complex. The pretense was an art project called the “B-Thing” and the group is called Gelatin.
After securing their passes, Gelatin proceeded to remove the heavy WTC windows of an office space on the 91st floor and reportedly constructed a prefab balcony outside of the building. Then they stretched “putty” around the windows and filmed it by helicopter as a stunt. On Aug. 18, 2001 The New York Times even felt strangely compelled to cover this story and considered it newsworthy, or a backstory. On the right is the photo of the balcony as shown in the newspaper article.
This may sound innocent enough for the dumb dumbs except for the fact that photos — taken from the artists’ book called the “B-Thing” AND used in the Times’ article — from inside the 91st floor camp out revealed boxes stacked to the ceiling with the letters and numbering “BB 18” on the side. BB 18 is the model number for a fuse-holder accessory, as described:
Features/benefits of this product: “Purpose is to save space and workload in a complicated wiring situation. Decreases wiring terminations, small footprint reduces space requirements, reduces assembly time, prevents accidental finger exposure, quick and safe method of changing fuse holder configurations, allows for future expansion, improves troubleshooting, eliminates power distribution block.”
Also take note that the ceiling tiles have been totally removed and expose the steel girders. The following little gem, and perhaps a calling card, was included in the ops’ egotistical, self-absorbed and freakish book.
The impact points of the “planes” were at the 93-98 floors. Below, cartoon physics of an aircraft imprint created by its flimsy aluminum wings that could not penetrate steel exterior columns.
Wiley Coyote cartoon physics. You are being insulted by criminals.
Buried and apparently long forgotten is this 2002 Daily Mail story about the U.S. arresting and deporting 200 Israelis, some of whom posed as “art students,” for spying and espionage activities in the lead up to 9/11. In addition, here is the DEA’s report on Israeli activities in the U.S. just prior to 9/11. So much for the nonsensical theory that Muslims in Afghan caves pulled off this crime of the century.
A new book, “Methodical Illusion,” explores the details.
Additionally, we have yet another “coincidence.” The building was powered down over a weekend prior to 9/11.